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Thermostats: To set back or not, that is the question.


Should I set my thermostat back, and how much money will it save me?

These are two of the most common questions we at Reliable Comfort get asked by our customers. There are a couple of pieces of information that will affect the answer. Are there people home all day, and can they stand to be a little cooler? Other considerations should be pets, plants and household items that are affected by changing temperatures. If the answers to the previous questions lead you to no person or thing will be adversely affected, then a set back thermostat would serve you well.

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Now, how far back to set it…

A good rule of thumb is to set it back 10 degrees during the day and 4 degrees at night. During the day, your home will loose heat and allow the temperature inside to drop. The theory behind this is you will run for a total time less to reheat than to maintain original temperature. Therefore, you will spend less money on utility bills, the same goes at night, but your comfort comes in to play if you drop much more than 4 degrees.

How much will I save?

According to the US Department of Energy, if you set your thermostat back 10-15 degrees for 8 hours or more, you can expect to save 10 to 14 percent per year.*

There you have it. Is it worth it to you to save a couple hundred of dollars or so each year? Another advantage to setback thermostats is your ability to help the environment. When our home comfort systems run less, we use fewer natural resources and emit less pollution.


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