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 Reliable Comfort Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing started out small. Three brothers, one service truck, and a mission to provide quality HVAC service to homeowners throughout Columbus, Seymour & surrounding areas quickly added up a long list of satisfied customers. Through recommendations and loyal clients,  Reliable Comfort Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing is now made up of over twenty dedicated team members and a fleet of more than twelve service trucks. Although we’ve expanded to answer calls across Columbus & Seymour, IN, we have never lost sight of our original commitment to excellence in every area of service.

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We concentrate on family-friendly solutions, specializing in products and procedures that ensure safe, reliable, and economical temperature control. From HVAC system installation and replacement to maintenance programs, repair, duct sealing, and Home Performance Evaluations,  Reliable Comfort Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing protect your best interest with skilled, honest, and meticulous workmanship.

As a local, family-owned company, we know exactly what it takes to measure up to your highest expectations, and we deliver. Through exemplary business practices, customer approval ratings, and technical expertise,  Reliable Comfort Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing qualifies as a Carrier & Daikin Elite Factory Authorized Dealer, allowing us to offer the most technologically advanced and innovative products on the market. Whether you have a problem to solve, or are looking to improve the expense, health, and comfort of your indoor environment, call on the professionals from  Reliable Comfort Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing.

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If you feel that your water heater tank may need maintenance, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

You may have questions about water heater installation or the water heater cost. Reliable Comfort INC prides itself on our ability to answer any questions you may have right from the start.

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What is the average life expectancy of equipment?

Most systems have a lifetime of 10 to 20 years. As your equipment gets older, it’s efficiency can decrease dramatically. You may notice that it gets noisier and needs repairs more often. When a unit begins to show it’s age, you have two choices. You can overhaul the system or replace it. Because heating and cooling technologies improve over time, a new system designed with newer, more energy-efficient equipment makes sense, especially if your system is 10 or more years old. We can estimate the cost of a new system as well as a payback schedule that will show you how newer technology will pay you back in lower energy usage.

Will a bigger sized system perform better?

No, you don’t want your air conditioner to be too big. Air conditioners control the comfort level in your home by cooling the air and by removing humidity. An oversized air conditioner will cool your home faster, but it will use more energy and will not remove humidity adequately.

What do SEER, AFUE, and HSPF ratings mean for me?

SEER, AFUE and HSPF are all measures of energy efficiency. Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely. Higher SEER numbers save more money spent on electricity. A 13 SEER air conditioner, the EPA “current minimum standard”, uses 23% less energy than a 10 SEER unit (EPA standard up until Jan. 2006). Even though 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency available, we currently offer a line of air conditioners that start at 13 SEER and go all the way up to a 21 SEER . Depending on your average usage, higher SEER air conditioners can significantly reduce your electric bill.

Is Freon as a refrigerant being discontinued?

Yes. As of January 2010 the refrigerant R-22 (what consumers call Freon®) is no longer allowed to be used in the manufacturing of new equipment. R-22 has been used as the “standard” refrigerant for many years but has been found to be harmful to our planet by our government. All new air conditioners and heat pumps use R-410A, the more “environmentally sound” refrigerant.