“I can’t say enough good things about this company, they truly do live up to their name: RELIABLE!”

– S. Mahoney
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“I have health issues that make it fatal to be in hot temperatures for very long. My AC unit broke down (the motor and the starting component, I believe) in the middle of the night, and with high temperatures expected the next day, I was really…really scared. I called this company and they were extremely understanding. The on call tech contacted me within 5 minutes of my initial call and came out at 4:00 in the MORNING and got the job done within an hour. My AC is working again. 🙂 Very pleased!”

– C. Abner
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“We have been long time customers of Reliable Comfort. We prefer doing business with a family owned/managed enterprise. Office staff are always personable and efficient. Service technicians are on time, knowledgeable and thorough. We recommend Reliable Comfort to our friends and neighbors.”

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Nowadays, the environment is filled with air contaminants that easily enter your home through windows, doors, and air conditioning systems. Poor indoor air quality leads to poor health outcomes and is, therefore, something to take seriously. A high-efficiency filtration system will improve your home’s air quality.

What To Expect From Our High-Efficiency Filtration System


Cleaner air. Our High-Efficiency Filtration System acts as a guard that keeps air contaminants from entering your air conditioning system. Our filtration system can capture large air contaminants like pet dander down to microscopic particles like pollen and smoke that typically get sucked into your home along with air. You will get significantly cleaner air. 

Protection For Your Home. With clean air, your home also becomes much cleaner. The High-Efficiency Filtration System helps reduce airborne particulates including mold, viruses, and other unwanted pollutants from remaining in your home. No need to worry about your home being damaged and your family’s health being put in danger by these harmful contaminants.

Convenience. With its high efficiency comes convenience as well. Our High-Efficiency Filtration System is compatible with different heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It also requires minimal maintenance once installed and needs to be replaced only once or twice a year, depending on the level of use.

Other Filtration Options


Do You Care About Indoor Air Quality?


You should. Air pollution and contaminants are an invisible enemy. They are difficult to track and fight. Upgrading your home to Reliable Comfort’s High-Efficiency Filtration System gives your family unparalleled protection from air contaminants. This stage is a crucial aspect of improving indoor air quality and the comfort of your home.

Stage 1 

Stage 3: Ionizer

Stage 3

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