“I can’t say enough good things about this company, they truly do live up to their name: RELIABLE!”

– S. Mahoney
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“I have health issues that make it fatal to be in hot temperatures for very long. My AC unit broke down (the motor and the starting component, I believe) in the middle of the night, and with high temperatures expected the next day, I was really…really scared. I called this company and they were extremely understanding. The on call tech contacted me within 5 minutes of my initial call and came out at 4:00 in the MORNING and got the job done within an hour. My AC is working again. 🙂 Very pleased!”

– C. Abner
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“We have been long time customers of Reliable Comfort. We prefer doing business with a family owned/managed enterprise. Office staff are always personable and efficient. Service technicians are on time, knowledgeable and thorough. We recommend Reliable Comfort to our friends and neighbors.”

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The ideal humidity level is between 45% to 55%. When the humidity level in your home exceeds this level, not only does it become uncomfortable for you, but it also causes bacteria growth and mildew, damage to paint, wallpapers, and foundations, and damage to wooden furniture and floors. Humidity levels need to be maintained; otherwise, it could cause health problems. You can control your home’s humidity levels without racking up your bills with Reliable Comfort’s Whole House Humidification.

What Is Whole House Humidification?


Reliable Comfort’s Whole House Humidification system automatically adds the appropriate amount of moisture to keep your home comfortable and your furniture safe. This means that with Whole House Humidification you essentially eliminate dry air. Too much dry air would be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to your home and furniture.

What Our Whole House Humidification Offers


The Whole House Humidification complements the Smart Thermostat in keeping your energy consumption low. Aside from being energy-efficient, the Whole House Humidification will keep humidity levels comfortable, so you do not feel the need to turn up your thermostat.

It automatically maintains the ideal humidity levels in your home, but you can make adjustments based on your personal preferences.

Controlling humidity levels is also important in maintaining good air quality and your health. Since high humidity encourages bacteria growth and mildew, keeping it at the ideal level, along with the other stages, will keep your home free from these harmful contaminants. 

Live Comfortably


The Whole House Humidification system is the final stage of Reliable Comfort’s Clean Air Quality for Your Home. With ideal humidity levels, you maintain high air quality in your home.

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