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Why Won’t Your Water Heat Up?

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You’ll quickly notice when your water heater isn’t working properly as your daily functions, like showering, washing hands and dishes, and more, are inconveniently halted.

This ineffectiveness can arise for many reasons, and knowing what to look for will quicken your ability to act and enlist professional repair or replacement. Here’s an in-depth rundown of some of the most common reasons your water heater isn’t doing its job.

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3 Reasons Your Water Heater Isn’t Heating Up

For traditional and tankless systems, your water heater’s inability to heat up in your home can be a result of several issues.

Tripped Breaker

While exclusive to electric water heaters, a tripped circuit breaker is often one of the most common but, unfortunately, the least checked issue. Many don’t stop to consider the system’s power source before paying for what could’ve been fixed with the flip of a switch. If your circuits are intact, an element in your water heater may be experiencing problems that require professional attention.

Faulty Pilot Light

Gas water heaters feature an internal thermocouple that monitors the pilot light and allows it to stay lit. Often, this pilot light goes out for several reasons, from hefty drafts to faulty gas valves. Open your gas water heater panel and inspect the pilot light; if it’s blue, you’re good to go. If your pilot light is nonexistent or a color other than blue, you’ll need to call a professional.

Bad Burner

As burners heat your water, a bad one is a common, direct source of inability to heat water in your home. Often caused by a buildup of bad debris, deteriorating components, or poor air supply quality, a bad burner can be prevented with regular maintenance. But if this issue does fall upon you, it’s crucial to hire a professional to safely inspect and diagnose the issues within your water heater to enact the proper solution.

When To Repair vs. Replace

Determining when to repair or replace your water heater depends on several factors, such as the age of your system, the specific issue at hand, and the cost of repairing your system compared to replacing it entirely; those costs, too, depend on the problem itself. A skilled technician helps you consider these factors and more to help make the best possible decision for your home and future.

Schedule With Reliable Comfort in Seymour

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